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Noack's specializes in producing the very best in traditional German foods. These can be enjoyed at special holiday gatherings such as Christmas and Easter, at less formal occasions like cookouts, or any time.

In addition to the broad selection of sausages and hams, Noack's is proud to be able to make available to you a variety of smoked, nitrite-free pork products made from naturally raised, antibiotic-free pigs. All of this is produced in our USDA inspected plant located in south central Connecticut.

Besides just offering great meats, Noack's has a well stocked supply of specialized imported goods, ranging from cooking spices and supplies to German magazines, chocolates and perfumes. We also stock an abundant supply of European style breads and baked goods. We can put together a gift package assembled just to your wishes, and ship it anywhere you want. In addition, Noack's will prepare platters and displays for your special occasions. Just give us a call and find out how we can serve you!

Below are just some of the specialties that Noack's makes and sells fresh every day.

Premium Hams

Smoked Products


Cold Cuts

If you have any questions or concerns, please check out the USDA web site and search their database for the product in question. They have many tips and suggestions for purchasing and cooking meats, so go ahead, take a look. You will be pleased to know that Noack's complies and exceeds all requirements imposed upon it by the USDA, so you can rest assured you are getting only the best, purest, and safest meat products available!